Slowly introduce liquids once you are home. The first drink should be plain
water, then clear fruit juice, Popsicles or Gator-Aide. Small drinks should be
taken repeatedly. If there is some bleeding in the mouth, cold liquids are
best. Please avoid dairy products for the first 4-6 hours.


If local anesthesia was used during treatment, avoid chewing until the
area is no longer numb. Slowly introduce soft, bland food into the diet.
Suggestions include applesauce, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, and


Muscle aches and a sore throat similar to a mild flu may occur. It is very
common after IV sedation and will usually disappear within 24 to 36 hours.
Your mouth and tongue will probably be numb following the treatment,
resulting in a sensation of a foreign body or “lump” in the throat.
This perfectly normal, and will disappear in a few hours.
Be sure to take the analgesics we have prescribed as per the instructions on the bottle.


You can expect to be mildly confused for a time after awakening.
If you feel unsteady on your feet, please enlist some aid and do not attempt to walk on your own.
You should refrain from driving or operating heavy machinery on the day of sedation.


If you have any other procedural or anesthesia related concerns please contact
the office or the anesthesiologist.